Part of my October Challenge !!

Part of my October Challenge !!




Just like the workout plans for August and September, Back On Pointe brings you workout plans for the month of October! However, unlike the past two months, October includes three different workout plans: a basic one like August and September’s, a student-focused one that asks for more workouts on the class-free weekends, and a beginner plan that follows a 3 days on/1 day off method.

Whatever plan you choose, and feel free to change whenever you’d like, the directions are simple: find the current date on the calendar, see what workout(s) it asks for, and pick one from each section listed for that date to do. For example, if today is says “Arms” and “General,” I’d find an arm workout and a general workout to do today.

If you’d like to write about your experiences during the month or see how others are doing, please use the tag BoP: October. By all using this tag, we can see what others are doing during the month and send others encouragement along the way.

During the month, remember that you should take as many rest days as you need, modify any workouts that you cannot do, stay hydrated, get more low-intensity cardio, and eat well.

Have fun!







I’m sure going to make it.

Starting tomorrow! Who’s in?


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Whichever Workout Picture you see through your Newsfeed … Do it without Hesitation !” “Why ?” “Because Baby it’s a Challenge !